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To believe in something has been
our greatest strength and weakness.
Beliefs gave birth to incredible art,
architecture, and literature throughout
the history. The urge to find reasons
behind unknown lead to many
superstitions and irrationalities.​

Some trick and exploit gullible
believers for their personal gain. India,
having religious beliefs as part of our
society, have been very convenient for
these imposters. Every now and then
such Godmen are getting accused of
financial fraud, rape or murder. Falling
prey to them adversely affects the
social progress.

There are many rationalists
organizations across the country
targeting on these Godmen/ Gurus
and busting their trickery. Through
the project, I am aiming to look at
the situation in a rational way, with
viewpoints from different people, and
understand why people seek the help
of such Godmen in modern India.

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